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1776 Faux Farmhouse Update

After what feels like an eternity, we have finally been told by our Richmond American Realtor that we will have a hole in the ground.


Y’all, we have been waiting months for this update. When we signed back in the beginning of May this year we were told that we were waiting for the development to essentially be developed, a.k.a wired for internet, sewer to be installed and roads to be paved, and that they were hoping to start building by end of June. So while we were busy selling our previous home, looking for a rental, packing and moving we were hoping that things would be progressing just as quickly in our development as they were on our end.

We were wrong….

By the second week of July we were already meeting with our Home Gallery Design Representative to pick out our interior finishes (that post will be coming next!) but there was still no developed development.

Every week we would drive out to the same underdeveloped development.

Talk. About. Frustrating.

Although we knew upfront that this process would take time you can’t fully comprehend the sacrifices that you are about to make. Having Little Miss and Hazel in a rental that has no yard is hard. On top of that, having an unwelcoming and lifeless place you are calling home is even harder.


Email from our Richmond American Realtor

We finally got the news we’ve been longing to hear for oh so long….

I’ll be posting weekly updates so that you can have a front row view of 1776 Faux Farmhouse. Until then, make sure to follow us on Instagram @1776fauxfarmhouse to be the first one to see weekly progress and so much more!

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