Weekly Update

for 1776 Faux Farmhouse

Hi Y’all!

Can I just say how much I HATE teething….! Little Miss didn’t get her first tooth until she was almost a year old which means we are paying for it BIG TIME now. Poor girl just can’t catch a break, which means for this momma neither can I. But that is why my weekly update is actually now like a week and a half update…

BUT Guess What We Have??

You guessed it, we have footings!

We had our Pre-Construction Meeting with our builder on Wednesday where they told us that their hopes are to have us in our home by the end of the year. I almost stood up and hugged our building supervisor! Although I know that there could be set backs and delays, I am hoping and praying that they meet this deadline. The Hubster and I are just so ready to be in and make this place ours. Plus, Little Miss needs more room to run around with less stairs than our current rental situation.

We will be doing our weekly drive by in the next few days so hopefully foundation will be in! In the meantime, we will be crossing our fingers and toes.

I did post a picture on my instagram account @1776fauxfarmhouse when we first drove by and saw that they had broke ground on our lot. So if you aren’t following me, make sure to click that follow button so that way you really do see the latest updates!

Until then,

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