Top 10 Christmas Gifts For DIYers

Not only are these the top 10 Christmas gifts for DIYers, but these are also the exact tools and items that we use in our projects at 1776 Faux Farmhouse. We didn’t want this to be another plain old gift guide but wanted to give you insight into how we complete our projects. These aren’t the kind of gifts that you DIY (aka some knitted sweater or whatever) but these are gifts that can help you upgrade your builder-grade home!

1. Christmas Gift For DIYers – Craftsman Compressor Combo Kit

#1 Christmas Gift For DIYers

This is our number one tool, and it is used in almost every project that we do at 1776 Faux Farmhouse. The Craftsman Compressor Combo Kit has been used in our faux beams, our office Ikea hack, our DIY artwork frame, floor to ceiling board and batten, along with many other projects. We acquired this tool as a gift from family members at Christmas and have loved it ever since.

2. Christmas Gift For DIYers – Dewalt Impact Driver Kit

Dewalt Impact Driver Kit

This tool is a close second in terms of use for projects at 1776 Faux Farmhouse. It’s used in almost every project as well. The additional rotational force offered by an impact driver when they encounter resistance can be extremely helpful when there are a lot of things to screw (like with kid’s toy assembly at Christmas time for those with little patience, aka my husband).

3. Christmas Gift For DIYers – Little Giant Ladder

Little Giant Ladder Christmas Gift For DIYers

Having grown up in the hometown of Little Giant Ladders it would be difficult if a recommended any other ladder. Luckily, Little Giant Ladders are the absolute best ladders you can possibly buy. This ladder also gets used in a lot of projects (or changing lightbulbs) around our home simply because our ceilings are tall. Overall, the durability and the fact that it is so compact when folded together make it a great addition to any DIYers toolkit.

4. Christmas Gift For DIYers – Hitachi Miter Saw

Miter Saw for DIYers

Our miter saw was one of the very first tools that we purchased! In our previous house, we decided to replace all of our baseboards and this tool was an absolute lifesaver. Funnily enough, we were originally going to replace and cut all of the new baseboards by hand with a box and hand saw because that’s how we thought it was done (back in our rookie DIY days). The hand saw lasted one cut before Michael went to Lowe’s and bought a miter saw (told you he’s impatient!).

5. Christmas Gift For DIYers – Black + Decker Circular Saw with Laser

Circular Saw

This circular saw from Black + Decker is the perfect Christmas gift for a DIYer. We really like this circular saw when cutting long cuts because of the laser guide attached to the front that aids in cutting straight lines.

6. Christmas Gift For DIYers – Dewalt Shop-Vac

Shop-Vac Christmas Gift For DIYers

We’ve actually gone through a couple of shop vacs at 1776 Faux Farmhouse until we landed on this one from Dewalt. This shop vac has been awesome with cleaning up sawdust and has been the best shop vac we’ve had so far. If your looking for a shop vac for your DIYer this is the perfect one for them!

7. Christmas Gift For DIYers – Wagner Spraytec EZ-Twist Paint Stick

#7 Christmas Gift For DIYers

As some of you may know, I like to paint A LOT! These EZ-Twist Paint Sticks make painting rooms such a breeze. When we first moved into our new home we used these to paint the entire house in a day. If you like to paint as much as I do, this is the perfect Christmas gift for a DIYer (especially if you don’t want to deal with a paint sprayer).

8. Christmas Gift For DIYers – Dewalt Screwdriver Bit Set

#8 Christmas Gift For DIYers

Everybody can always use more bits! This bit set from Dewalt has been really useful and gets used in pretty much every project in some way.

9. Christmas Gift For DIYers – Craftsman Torpedo Level

#9 Christmas Gift For DIYers

If your looking for a simple gift for your DIYer this is the perfect gift. A level always comes in handy, whether it’s mounting a TV, or hanging some photos/art, it’s always good to have a level to make sure it’s perfectly level.

10. Christmas Gift For DIYers – Percussion Massage Gun

#10 Christmas Gift For DIYers

And finally, last but not least, is a percussion massage gun! After a long day of DIY projects, this massage gun comes in handy, especially when you are hiking up and down stairs all day because you have to cut stuff outside. If you’re looking for a relaxing Christmas gift for your DIYer, this is the gift for them!

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