The Social Selection

Welcome to our weekly series, The Social Selection! Each Sunday, I’ll highlight some of my social media posts and give you a bit more background on the display such as where to purchase the decor, interesting stories about decor items, or other tidbits. This week is all about the simple details!


    We had some positive movement on a lot of projects this past week! We finally had the template completed for our countertops in our butler’s pantry and in our laundry room. Hopefully, it isn’t too much longer until they are fabricated and installed! We also started working on Little Man’s nursery by removing all of the storage, ripping out the baseboards, and installing board and batten. We will get a blog post up about the board and batten as soon as it’s completed (just have to caulk and paint). For this upcoming week, we will continue working on Little Man’s room and get a couple of things ready for the butler’s pantry.

    Black Pillows…

    Please learn from me…

    If you have an indoor cat, a toddler, or your couch is the central hub of your family living style, then black pillows are 𝗻𝗼𝘁 for you!

    While I absolutely love the look they give off from a distance, up close can be a nightmare. I thought using a dark pillowcase would mask all of it…Yeah, no.

    Do you think the Scotchgard Fabric Spray would work?

    Items To Complete The Look

    The simple details in 1776 Faux Farmhouse's living room

    Little Miss Covid

    We have reached the “Fend for Yourself” portion of the day….

    Mom is tired.

    Really though. Little Miss was up all night not feeling good and it’s so much harder to take care of a little one when you are pregnant. I’ve reached that stage where I make sound effects getting out of bed 🥴

    Thankfully, Michael said we are just going to do something easy for dinner, which actually means, Thank you Costco! Chicken bakes, anyone?

    Items To Complete The Look

    The sideboards simple details

    What do you think about the simple details in my home? That’s all this week for the social selection! See you again next week!

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