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Welcome to our weekly series, The Social Selection! Each Sunday, I’ll highlight some of my social media posts and give you a bit more background on the display such as where to purchase the decor, interesting stories about decor items, or other tidbits. This week is all about catching up!


    This week I’m playing a little bit of catch-up! The past couple of weeks, as many of you know, my family has been dealing with covid. I tested positive first, then Michael, then Little Miss, and it’s surprisingly taken quite a bit of time to work its way through each person (instead of hitting us all at once). As far as big projects are concerned we wrapped up the mudroom, have been working on our butler’s pantry, our laundry room, and Little Man’s nursery but things are slow going. Hopefully, these next couple of weeks things should get moving (come on countertops!).

    Yellow Cabinets…

    At this point, I don’t know if I should be shocked…

    The past couple of days I thought I have noticed a yellow hue on my kitchen cabinets next to my microwave. After scrubbing all of the surrounding cabinets with a heavy degreaser for over an hour on Tuesday night, I woke up yesterday so disappointed to see the same yellow hue.

    I started researching and found that our builder didn’t provide adequate space on the sides of our gas range with our kitchen cabinets…. Of course 🙄. I tried an at-home remedy consisting of baking soda, water, vinegar, and elbow grease to remove some of the yellow hue as a temporary fix.

    We didn’t have any of these problems in our last kitchen, and we ordered the exact same kitchen cabinets as before, we just had a gas stove instead of a range.

    So how would you feel?

    Items To Complete The Look

    Kitchen cabinets are turning yellow

    The Kissing Booth

    I woke up this morning and realized today was the last day of January…. FINALLY!

    Then I realized that I should probably remove the Christmas decor off my front porch 🤣🤪🙈

    I then decided to change up my mantle too so that this cute sign can have it’s moment to shine in the right month! 🤣

    Are y’all so glad to have January be over as much as I am?!

    Items To Complete The Look

    The kissing booth mantle

    The Mudroom Bench!

    I’ve had a few questions about our new Mudroom storage system that I decided the answers just need a permanent spot on my feed.

    > Shoes? We have a boot storage system in the back (see “Mudroom” highlight) and then the baskets upfront keep our everyday shoes in easy reach!

    >Color? Iron Ore by @sherwinwilliams but my back door color is Amherst Gray by @benjaminmoore. Amherst is slightly lighter and has a brown/green undertone.

    >Coats? We have a coat closet right next to this space that we put our coats in. It needs to be organized here in the near future, but one project at a time! Why not keep our shoes in there? Because it didn’t work for our family and lifestyle.

    >Why only three cubbies? Because that’s what this space could allow for factoring in the amount of width a typical basket takes up. When Little Man starts wearing shoes, Michael and I will share a cubby spot; no big deal, we share a closet, a bed, a bathroom, what’s one more space?! 🤣

    > Why so deep? Honestly, when we measured different depths it didn’t really look right. Making it so that it was flush with the wall has made it so that we could take advantage of the extra space with the boot storage in the back and has made it so that we can place Little Man’s car seat there when it’s not in use. Yes, I know we won’t always have an infant car seat. But it’s nice to have a bench where I can sit down to help Little Miss put on her shoes, especially with this protruding belly, and have plenty of room to do so. And with it being flush with the wall and door frame I feel like it really looks custom to this space.

    >Was this not an option with your builder? To this level, absolutely not. The builder offered a “mudroom bench” starting at $1,200 that was made of three cubby spots starting from the floor with MDF board separating each of the spots and a board across the top. We bought the supplies for this project for $300 all while maximizing the space to fit our needs.

    If you have any other questions, feel free to drop them down in the comments below!

    The Apple Watch

    Me: I’m so tired
    Apple Watch: Nicole, your exercise ring needs a little love, let’s try to close it today!

    Or I’ll just stop wearing it so I complain about being exhausted without having that reality shoved in my face 🤣

    My favorite comment on this Instagram post was telling me I should put my watch on my toddler hahaha!

    Items To Complete The Look

    The family room!

    The Rona

    Me: Goodnight
    Brain: Psssssttt
    Me: What?
    Brain: What disease do you think we have?

    Well we all know what disease I have had this past week…🦠Thankfully, Michael and Little Miss are in the all clear and it’s just me that they are anxiously awaiting to return to normal.

    While I’m feeling better, the exhaustion has never been so bad. I’ve had walking pneumonia, I’ve been a tired teacher, and a tired pregnant teacher, but this… this has been a new level. I’m so grateful for mandatory work from home orders for Michael because I don’t know how I would’ve survived this past week without him.

    Tomorrow, I’m going to attempt to stay awake longer than 3 hours. Let’s hope I can have a personal best tomorrow 🤞🏻

    Items To Complete The Look

    1776 Faux Farmhouse Bedroom

    That’s all this week for the social selection! See you again next week!

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