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Welcome to our new series called The Social Selection! Each Sunday, I’ll highlight some of my social media posts and give you a bit more background on the display such as where to purchase the decor, interesting stories about decor items, or other tidbits. This week is all about that mantle garland!

    The Ultimate Mantle Garland!

    My number one question this holiday season, so far, has been where to find my mantle garland. Surprisingly, this isn’t actually garland! Last year, I had a bit of a flop when I purchased some garland and it didn’t look exactly like I wanted (not full enough). So I headed over to Hobby Lobby and browsed through their greenery until I found this gem.

    Items To Complete The Look

    Mantle garland and bells

    May Your Days Be Merry & Bright!

    When I said I was going simple this year, I really meant it. I always love decorating my sideboard! The lamps that are on my sideboard were DIYed (check out my Reel).

    Items To Complete The Look

    Entryway Sideboard Deocarations

    Its The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

    My favorite part of this time of year is seeing Little Miss’s excitement for Christmas lights, Snowflake (Elf on the Shelf), and Santa Clause. I seriously can’t stop smiling seeing the magic through her eyes! I also can’t help but love a nice glass of hot cocoa.

    Items To Complete The Look

    It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year Rug

    The Best Railing Garland!

    I’ve always loved garland on my railing! It’s one of the first things you see when you enter my home with our two-story entrance. I feel like I have very little red in my living room this year because I only brought up enough to fill my entertainment center, and so I’m thinking that maybe the bright red ribbon just doesn’t flow like I originally envisioned. I mean in my entryway the only red is this ribbon and I just feel like it’s a bright reminder of how much it doesn’t match. What do you think about the ribbon?

    Items To Complete The Look

    Entryway and Railing Garland

    The Christmas Mantle – Mantle Garland

    This year, I got a new tree from King of Christmas and I love the simple look! Many of you will know from years past that I typically go all out when decorating my Christmas tree but as I said, this year is a simple year, and I love it!

    Items To Complete The Look

    Christmas Mantle Decoration
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