The Colors of 1776 Faux Farmhouse

A frequent question that I get over on my social media channels is “What color is that ________?”. I’ve created this quick and easy guide, the colors of 1776 Faux Farmhouse, that walks through each room in my home and identifies the focus color for the area. We all know that I love to paint and if anything changes I’ll be sure to update this guide!

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    Iron Ore by Sherwin Williams

    The Color: Iron Ore By Sherwin Williams

    I’m so glad that I could finally find a space for this color, Iron Ore, because it screams Modern Farmhouse! Sherwin Williams, you sure know how to make ‘em!

    This area went through quite the transformation! It may not be much to some, but adding in cubbies and boot storage for our shoes gave some much-needed organization to this area.

    When we found out we were expecting Little Man, I was worried about where we would put his infant car seat while not in use.

    The shoe storage we had before wasn’t working and didn’t allow for the space that an infant car seat would take up. Michael really came to the rescue in the design of this mudroom and now you can have the same bench in your home!


    Pale Oak by Benjamin Moore

    The Color: Pale Oak by Benjamin Moore

    Pale Oak is the color that we painted our home before we moved in! To save a little bit of money we had the builder paint the entire house in one-tone paint (their upgrades weren’t worth it since they had flat paint only) and then we spent a day before moving in painting.

    The trick to painting a house so quickly is to either spray or use the smart paint rollers, which is what we did!

    In the kitchen, we’ve also added a couple of other things to the area such as sharpie shiplap around the island and a backsplash under the countertops. The Pale Oak color really goes great with everything we’ve done in this area!

    Family Room

    Pale Oak by Benjamin Moore

    The Color: Pale Oak by Benjamin Moore

    Since our family is connected to our kitchen via an open floor plan the color of Pale Oak by Benjamin Moore continues into this space as well!

    Arianna Cesa, Benjamin Moore’s paint brand associate manager of color marketing and development, via House Beautiful says of Pale Oak, “With the softest hint of warmth, it’s the quintessential light, warm gray. It delicately balances between warm and cool, bringing endless adaptability to any space it is in. Its touch of warmth brings about a soothing, inviting quality that helps it from looking too cold.”

    I would agree completely with what she says about the color. Pale Oak is the perfect color for my home and balances well with the other statement colors I have sprinkled throughout my home!


    Gentleman's Gray by Benjamin Moore

    The Color: Gentleman’s Gray by Benjamin Moore

    Gentleman’s Gray is the perfect color for our office! The moody, masculine blue gets a lot of comments on all of Michael’s work meetings, he even gets questions about whether it’s a background or not.

    This paint color is eye-catching and bold and really lends a formal feel to the space. With all of the white cabinets sprinkled throughout our home, I think we made a great choice by switching it up in here!

    What do you think?

    Entryway – Sidboard

    Pure White by Sherwin Williams

    The Color: Pure White by Sherwin Williams

    It’s an accent wall without an accent color! Surprisingly, having white actually makes this wall stick out more. This color while being very versatile has a warmth to it and compared to the Pale Oak it’s definitely white. However, compared to another white it has a more creamy look to it!

    For the longest time, this space was difficult for me. It was a long somewhat narrow space that was basically unused. Between adding the floor to ceiling board and batten as well as the sideboard this space has quickly become one of my favorite parts of my home!

    Entryway Modern Accent Wall

    Pale Oak by Benjamin Moore

    The Color: Pale Oak by Benjamin Moore

    Before 1776 Faux Farmhouse was built, the Hubster and I started walking homes when Little Miss was just six weeks old. We walked through sooo many homes; custom builders, semi-custom, builder-grade, you name it, we walked it. Wall treatments were one of the biggest differences between a custom built home and a builder-grade home.

    When it comes to statement walls, color can play an important role. Because this statement wall is very eye-catching and abstract, I decided to keep the color consistent with the rest of my home. I love the way it turned out!

    Faux Brick Accent Wall

    Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams

    The Color: Tricorn Black by Sherwin Williams

    I have always wanted to incorporate a brick wall into my home. And once we installed one of course we painted it. Painted brick is a trend with farmhouse design styled homes. In that area of our home, it needed the modern element. I felt that white would be too off-putting with our front door being Sherwin Williams Tricorn Black. So why not paint the faux brick panels the same color?! Which is what I did, but just with flat interior paint to ensure aesthetics.

    Master Bedroom

    Cheating Heart by Benjamin Moore

    The Color: Cheating Heart by Benjamin Moore

    For the accent wall in my master bedroom, I decided to take a different route and go darker. Cheating Heart by Benjamin Moore was the perfect blend, not too dark but just dark enough. Compared to Gentleman’s Grey it doesn’t feel as moody and masculine and it has more of a warmth to it!

    My master bedroom has undergone quite the transformation and Cheating Heart by Benjamin Moore really helped set the space apart!

    Little Misses Room

    Pure White by Sherwin Williams

    The Color: Pure White by Sherwin Williams

    Last but not least is Little Misses room! From the picture above you can tell that the statement in her room is all about that wallpaper. Because of that, I decided to keep the rest of the room Pure White by Sherwin Williams. I think it helps blend into the wallpaper a bit better than Pale Oak in this space.

    The Colors of 1776 Faux Farmhouse

    And that wraps up pretty much most of the areas in my home! Each area the color dramatically affects the feel of the space and I have been very careful and deliberate in choosing each color. All of you know that I love to paint so we’ll see what other colors show up in the future!

    What color was your favorite from The Colors of 1776 Faux Farmhouse?

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