Statement Wall – Simple & Impactful

Want a custom home without the custom price? Yeah… me too! Luckily, I have a trick up my sleeve to help you achieve that custom look without the custom price tag. You create a statement wall feature. That’s it!

Before 1776 Faux Farmhouse was built, the Hubster and I started walking homes when Little Miss was just six weeks old. We walked through sooo many homes; custom builders, semi-custom, builder-grade, you name it, we walked it. Wall treatments were one of the biggest differences between a custom built home and a builder-grade home. So why did we go the builder-grade route?

Because we really want to be like Chip and Joanna Gaines… Just kidding! But the Hubster and I like to do home projects together and learn how to do new things…plus, we can save a LOT of money doing it ourselves.

So with a statement wall did we achieve a custom look??

Keep reading and tell me what you think below in the comments!

Just to let you know…I have meant to type this post for what feels like the end of February, because it has literally been since the end of February. I was able to upload the video here, but I never published this post because #mombrain.

Mombrain really is a thing because since having Little Miss I can’t remember little things that need to be done each day. I seriously have to create a to-do list in order to make sure I have completed the things I need to complete every day… like what happened to my amazing multi-tasking teaching skills?!

Oh yeah…they are gone.

So now that we are in quarantine lockdown it’s the perfect time to get everything situated and my multi-tasking skills to emerge again.

The great news about this project is that Brad from Our Faux Farmhouse totally solidified the Hubster that we could get this wall done fairly easy because we didn’t need to plan anything out. Which for the Hubster was really hard to not plan….

So we headed to Home Depot…

and it was extremely busy that weekend and our material selection for this project was very limited. But we were there and we were going to make this project work with the selection available, which means our materials were different than Our Faux Farmhouse.

Due to the limited selection, I had to sand our wood before we could even begin our wall feature.

Sanding wood pieces

After the sanding was finally done, we began to nail the wood onto the desired statement wall.

Set-up ladder and nail gun
Hang statment wall wood
Statement wall modern design

And then we had to stop…

because the air compressor on the nail gun was making it so Little Miss couldn’t go to bed. We had an early start the next morning though because Little Miss was very well rested haha.

Statement wall

The next step with the statement wall…

was to caulk the sides of each trim piece, fill the nail holes, and paint. It took an entire week to do this because the ladder couldn’t be out when Little Miss was awake…

Painting statement wall

Originally, I thought that I should paint this statement wall white. But I wanted this wall to compliment my railing and not compete, so the wall feature remained Pale Oak by Benjamin Moore, which made this girl who is afraid of heights pretty happy because to edge the top of that wall would have been terrifying.

Painting statement wall

After what was supposed to be a weekend project…

which could have been pre-Little Miss, this statement wall feature was finally done and ready to be swooned over.

Finished statement wall
Finished statement wall
Finished statement wall
Finished statement wall

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This post is not affiliated or sponsored by ANY brands displayed throughout this post. Please note that these are the supplies and brands that I chose to use myself for this project. 

The power tools listed above are dangerous and if not used properly can result in fatal injures or death. If you are not comfortable using these power tools please consult someone who does.

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