DIY Office Built-in Bookcases – Part Two

DIY Office Built-in Bookcases Series

  1. Part 1 : Planning
  2. Part 2: Framing (Currently Reading)
  3. Part 3: Built-in Bench
  4. Part 4: Encasing and Painting
  5. Part 5: Floating Concrete Desk

Part Two

Our DIY office built-in bookcases were finally underway thanks to COVID-19 and the Hubster’s indefinite work-from-home orders. Drive-around-town-conference calls would be a thing of the past because this office was going to make things so much easier for our family.

After we built the IKEA Billy Bookcases for our office built-in bookcases, we had to actually secure them into the walls so that we could achieve the office built-in bookcases that we had originally planned.

Supplies needed for office built-in bookcases:

  • Crow Bar
  • Hammer
  • IKEA Billy Bookcases
  • Multi-tool
  • 3 inch Flat Head Wood Screws
  • 2×4’s
  • Drill
  • Miter Saw
  • L-Brackets

Removing the Baseboards

The Hubster and I removed the baseboards so that the bookcases could be as flush to the wall as possible. Where the bookcases met at the corner of the walls we used the HART multi-tool to cut the baseboards so that we could achieve the flush look we were desiring.

example of where we cut the baseboards
cutting the baseboards with our HART multi-tool

Raising the Bookcases

It was time for us to build the bases that would raise the bookcases. We needed to raise them six inches from the floor. Depending on the height of your ceilings you may have to build a base to raise them more or less. The Hubster used two 4×4’s that were spaced as the same depth as the IKEA Billy Bookcase and connected the two 4×4’s with a 2×4 and 3″ wood screw and secured that base to the walls using a 3″ wood screw.

how we built the base to raise the bookcases

Securing the Bookcases

The Hubster and I placed and secured the bookcases with 3 inch wood screws into the bases. Next, we secured the top and sides of the bookcases with 2×4’s and 3″ wood screws, shown below, to provide additional security and to provide aesthetic spacing for the MDF later.

how we secured and provided spacing

Connecting the Bookcases

It was time to connect the bookcases together on top to create the built-in bookcase look we were desiring. Doing so would allow us the ability to easily attach MDF and crown molding later. We did this by laying 2×4’s between the bookcases and securing them from the bottom of the bookcases with 3″ wood screws (shown below).

connecting the bookcases together using 2×4’s

Constructing a Stud-Like Frame

stud-like frame

First, the Hubster and I took an 8′ 2×4 that would be the top part of the frame. We cut pieces of another 2×4 the space of the span from the lower 2×4 (that was attached to the bookcase) to the upper 2×4. The Hubster made sure that the pieces would fit the space before screwing the spanning 2×4’s into the upper 2×4 with 3″ wood screws. The Hubster and I then placed the top portion onto the lower 2×4 (the one attached to the bookcases). The spanning 2×4’s were then screwed into the lower 2×4 from underneath using 3″ wood screws.

Once the stud-like frame was secured, the Hubster added additional L-brackets to insure complete stability in the corners and behind the bookcases.

to insure stability L-brackets were installed

Now it was time to build the window seat bench…

It sounds easy, right? Well, wait until you read about it next week because it was anything but easy. I hope I’m not the only one who thinks that a part of a project will be super easy and turns out that it isn’t!

We are always working on new things at the Farmhouse. If you want to see snippets of these projects or to see my everyday life craziness, head on over to the 1776 Faux Farmhouse Instagram account. I’ll see you there!

DIY Office Built-in Bookcases Series

  1. Part 1 : Planning
  2. Part 2: Framing (Currently Reading)
  3. Part 3: Built-in Bench
  4. Part 4: Encasing and Painting
  5. Part 5: Floating Concrete Desk


big thank you to HART tools for providing the tools mentioned throughout this post. Thankfully, these power tools are available to you at Walmart and for a very affordable price.

The power tools listed above are dangerous and if not used properly can result in fatal injures or death. If you are not comfortable using these power tools please consult someone who does.

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