No Sew Bench Seat Cover

I had a bench, but I needed a solution to the bench seat cover and I am not a seamstress. My poor grandma has tried teaching me, countless times. This girl has no skill. So when The Hubster created our bench in our office you bet your bottom dollar I was worried how I would create a bench seat cover for that area. The solution? A no sew bench seat cover.

Can I NOT Sew It?

After looking at the cost of paying for a bench seat cover to be made, that was out of the question. I had the idea of creating the bench seat cover without sewing. Why couldn’t I just wrap it like a present?!

Supplies for a No Sew Bench Seat Cover:

Let’s Not Sew This!

After ordering all of the supplies, it was time to not sew this no sew bench seat cover together. We let the foam pad relax for a few days so it would lay flat. After measuring the bench, the Hubster and I cut the pad to the appropriate size with fabric scissors.

Measuring the bench seat

Measuring the foam

Preparing the foam to cut for the no sew bench seat cover
Cutting the foam

Get the Iron Hot!

Next, the Hubster and I laid the pad on the floor on top of our material, making sure it was centered and straight.

Preparing the no sew bench seat cover

The Hubster got the iron plugged in so it would be hot and I cut and prepared the velcro strips.

Adding velcro to the bench seat cover

Velcro On

Once the iron was hot and the velcro prepared, I started on the right of the foam pad and worked my way to the left, down the center of the cushion. I first placed the bottom half of the velcro to the bottom side of the faux leather. Next, I placed a towel on top of the velcro so that it wouldn’t scorch my fabric. Finally, I then followed the directions to iron on the velcro.

Using an iron to apply velcro to faux leather

Next, I secured the top part of the velcro to the bottom part of the velcro and then laid the top part of the faux leather on top. I again placed the towel on top and ironed on the velcro.

Cutting Corners

Because of the excess fabric on the two ends, I cut the inside area out so that there wasn’t a lot of bulk on the two ends. Then I folded it and secured the tab with velcro, again using a towel and iron.

Violà – A No Sew Bench Seat Cover

A simple, easy iron-on velcro bench pad cover but with absolutely no sewing whatsoever!

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