Modern Farmhouse Master Bedroom

Not too long ago we completely overhauled our master bedroom and changed up quite a few things within the space. We added an accent wall, switched out our bed frame, changed our nightstands, repainted our dresser, added window casing, and finally added a barn door between our bedroom and the bathroom. Today, I’ll give a quick update on the space and show you everything that has changed!

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    Modern Farmhouse Master Bedroom – Accent Wall

    Modern Farmhouse Master Bedroom Accent Wall

    The first change we made was adding an accent wall behind our bed. We debated between an accent wall with wider squares using thicker trim or tiny squares using smaller trim.

    58% of our Instagram followers thought that an accent wall with wider squares and using thicker trim would look better in our bedroom.

    We decided to add our own spin to the wall by adding an accent area for a piece of word art that would go above our bed.


    We decided from previous accent wall projects (see the floor to ceiling board and batten) it would be easiest to paint the wall first and then add the trim. After painting the wall with the color Cheating Heart from Benjamin Moore we started adding the trim.

    First, we trimmed around the piece of word art that was already hanging by adding 4 inches of space on each side. Since the piece of art was already centered in the room and hung directly over the bed this made the most sense.

    Next, we divided the wall into fourths and marked the locations of the vertical trim pieces. Our wall measures 16′ (192″) long so the vertical pieces are 48″ on center. We added the trim pieces around the edges of the wall and then added the vertical pieces.

    For the horizontal pieces, we divided the wall into thirds, marked the locations, and then added the horizontal trim pieces. Our ceiling heights are 8′ (96″) tall and so the horizontal pieces are placed at 32″ on center.

    We finished the wall up by sanding, adding caulk, painting, and then rehanging the art piece above our bed.

    Modern Farmhouse Master Bedroom – Bed Frame

    Modern Farmhouse Master Bedroom Bedframe

    Even the Hubster loves this new bed frame! And quite honestly, I didn’t think he would ever be able to love another bed frame more than his beloved sleigh bed…. (it was a killer classifieds find!) I’ve never been more excited to be wrong! And it’s even better now that I don’t have to worry about painting a king-sized bed frame😅!

    The bedroom refresh is coming along, slowly BUT surely…Once this room is finished, I’m going to need a few days in bed to sleep.

    Saga of the Nightstands!

    Modern Farmhouse Nightstands

    This project has definitely kept me on my toes and has tested me more than any other project to date, which is saying something.

    We decided, at first, to keep our original nightstands from Ikea and refinish them.

    I was able to complete one dresser, after overcoming so many hurdles, and I hate it. It’s too much white, which is why I wanted the nightstand stained in the first place.

    I’m not admitting defeat on this project, but rather just taking a break, a much-needed break.

    So I walked away for a bit from this project and regrouped. Our old nightstands will do their job until I can find exactly what I want and love.

    And… eventually, I found exactly what I was looking for, wood stained nightstands that go perfectly with our room and even match our barn door!

    Modern Farmhouse Barn Door

    Modern Farmhouse DIY Barn Door & Nightstands

    It’s always been on our list of projects to build a barn door for our master bedroom/bathroom. Not too long ago, my husband’s grandparents sold their farm and the barn was to be torn down so that a school could be built. Everyone in the family was able to collect the old barn wood from the property for use in projects. Not only does the wood hold sentimental value for our family but it also looks amazing! With the wood we collected, we decided to DIY a modern farmhouse barn door.

    Modern Farmhouse Master Bedroom – Before Pics

    Before Pics - Master Bedroom - 1776 Faux Farmhouse

    That’s Quite The Tranformation!

    And that wraps up most of our modern farmhouse master bedroom as it sits today. The one wall that isn’t pictured in any of the folders, which has our dresser and tv against it, probably needs some finishing touches but we’ll get to that another day!

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