Modern Farmhouse Living Room

Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve been working on a lot of projects and I’m super excited to share how our modern farmhouse living room has changed! Our living room (and kitchen) get the most used out of any other room in our home so it’s important that we are able to get the most comfort and functionality from these areas. Without further ado, here are the new additions to our living room!

New Accent Chairs

New accent chairs and coffee table in 1776 Faux Farmhouse's living room

Where are they from?

These accent chairs come from Best Home Furnishings. Best is absolutely amazing and my family has been ordering furniture from them since I was a little kid. My dad has a bad back and these chairs are some of the only chairs that he is able to sit in! All of their furniture is manufactured here in the United States. All of their furniture is also fully customizable so you can get exactly the look you want.

When I was looking for accent chairs for my modern farmhouse living room I knew exactly who I was going to go to because I wanted something that was going to be durable, with amazing quality, and something that reflected my home and personality.

Do they offer other fabric options?

In this model, they only offer fabric choices (so no leather). They have tons of fabric choices that you can pick and choose from. I chose a high-performance fabric because I knew that we were going to have Little Miss in here, I plan on nursing Little Man in these chairs, and of course, we have Lucy (our cat) who thinks she owns this place and she has decided that these are the most comfortable chairs to nap in now.

New accent chairs for modern farmhouse living room

Did I really get white accent chairs?

Yes, I really chose white! I know that that is somewhat of a crazy decision with little kids but I was so confident in the quality of the chairs that I knew I wouldn’t have any issues.

We’ve already had one accident and it cleaned up amazingly! Little Miss loves Polynesian Sauce from Chick-Fil-A on everything and I didn’t wipe her hands off as good as I should have, and she went and sat on the chairs and some of the sauce got on the main cushion. All I did was take a little tide powder and hot water and I wiped it off and you can’t even see it was there.

I really love these accent chairs and I know they are going to be a great investment for our family going forward. I love how they swivel and glide and by looking at them you wouldn’t even notice.

New Coffee Table

New modern coffee table

Another addition to our family room includes a new coffee table! It was time for a change and I was looking for something a bit more modern, as compared to the last coffee table which was more farmhouse. I love that I’m able to experiment with both design styles in my home to achieve the ultimate modern farmhouse living room!

Where is it from?

Our new coffee table is from DownEast Home! We have gotten a number of furniture pieces from DownEast (our island stools) and they have all held up exceptionally well.

What happened to our old coffee table?

We decided to move our old coffee table up to our loft area, which is currently Little Miss’s playroom. That room is currently waiting on a couch. This is why it hasn’t seen too much progress over the past couple of months in this area. Once that room is finished I will do a complete reveal of the space but currently, it’s not camera ready.

Contemporary coffee table

Is it really made out of concrete?

It’s actually not made out of concrete, however, it looks exactly like concrete! The coffee table is made out of wood that is stained to look like concrete.

How big is it?

The dimensions for the table are 26 inches wide, 60 inches long, by 17 inches high. This coffee table is definitely smaller than our previous one, but I think that’s a good thing! Our last coffee table, once we moved it and replaced it with this one, took up too much room.

Overall, I’m super excited about all of the new pieces in my modern farmhouse living room! I can’t wait to show you some of my future plans for this space!

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