Modern Farmhouse Barn Door DIY

It’s always been on our list of projects to build a barn door for our master bedroom/bathroom. Not too long ago, my husband’s grandparents sold their farm and the barn was to be torn down so that a school could be built. Everyone in the family was able to collect the old barn wood from the property for use in projects. Not only does the wood hold sentimental value for our family but it also looks amazing! With the wood we collected, we decided to DIY a modern farmhouse barn door.

Finished Barn Door


Modern Farmhouse Barn Door DIY Video

Step 1 – Clean the barn wood

Due to mold allergies in our household that are commonly found on farmland, the salvaged wood needed to be thoroughly cleaned. Before cleaning, we removed all of the old nails with a hammer. Next, we scraped off any excess dirt using a metal bristle brush. Finally, to completely clean the wood we combined 1/2 Borox with 1/2 water in a cleaning solution and then used a pressure washer to clean the wood. This process removed all of the fungi and mold that could be found on the barn wood.

Step 2 – Sand

After letting the wood dry out for a couple of days, next came sanding. Barn wood is notoriously coarse and the last thing we wanted was to get a sliver every time we opened our bathroom door. Start with 60 grit sandpaper, then 120 grit, and finish with 320 grit sandpaper.

Modern Farmhouse Barn Door DIY

Step 3 – Cut and Assemble Door

Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough long pieces that could be used and so our door is composed of 6 different pieces of barn wood joined at the middle. Ideally, one long piece would be used, but given the sentimental value of the wood, we didn’t really have a choice. First, cut each of your pieces to the desired length (make sure you measure your door opening accounting for the space at the bottom and the hangers at the top). Next, place the barn wood on the ground vertically creating the door. Make sure your door is square and the pieces are the correct length before fastening together. In our case, we joined the pieces at the center using a metal fastener on the back and a horizontal piece of barn wood across the front. We added two more horizontal pieces across the top and the bottom of the door.

Step 4 – Protect From Moisture

In our case, the door is between the master bedroom and master bathroom. To protect from moisture, spray the door with Helmsman Spar Urethane. Spar urethane is designed to withstand the elements and won’t change the color of your door.

Barn door master bedroom

Step 5 – Install Header, Track, and Hardware

Next, install the header board and the track from your barn door hardware kit. We used a kit from National Hardware and absolutely loved how easy it was to assemble. To learn how to install your header see our blog post Modern Farmhouse Barn Door Installation. Install the hangers on the door as well as the handle, following the instructions in your kit to determine the correct position.

Step 6 – Hang the Door

The last step is to hang the door on the track. Enlist some extra help and lift the door onto the track and enjoy!

This modern farmhouse barn door DIY was one of the easier projects we’ve completed to date. The barn door transformed our master bedroom and is another statement piece for the room. The barn door also does its job of blocking light in the mornings very well!

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