Launching My Very First Courses For Beginners

Over the past couple of months, I have been working on something exciting! Each week I have had a number of you reach out to ask if I offer any classes or instructions for beginner DIYers. Because of this, I have decided to launch my very first course (really the first 2 courses) over the next couple of weeks. Being an elementary school teacher, I’ve always had a passion for teaching, and I’ve always enjoyed answering questions about my DIY projects. Each course includes video instruction, written instruction, and downloadable cheat sheets and plans!

Sign Up Now – Intro to Power Tools Has Launched!

    Intro to Power Tools!

    This course is designed as a beginner-level course on power tools. When I started doing DIY projects, I was super intimidated by some of the power tools, and I don’t want any of you to feel like I did! In this course, we will cover the following:

    • Purchasing Tools For The First Time
    • Drills & Impact Drivers
    • Miter Saws
    • Finishing Nailers and Other Pneumatic Tools
    • Circular Saw
    • Multi-Tool
    • Jigsaw
    • Sawzall
    • Sander
    • Other Specialty Tools

    In each section of this course, we will go over an introduction to the tool, tool recommendations, what the tool is, when to use the specific tool, how to use the tool, and project recommendations that the power tool can be used for.

    Intro to DIY!

    This course is designed as an entry-level course for DIY projects. This course will help you get a couple of DIY projects under your belt so that you can be confident to tackle even bigger projects afterward. When I started doing DIY projects, I would look on Instagram or Pinterest and see these amazing transformations that I wanted to do but had no idea where to start. My very first project, while we were still in school, turned into a hot mess because I tackled something more difficult than I could manage. After some trial and error, I found that by tackling smaller & more doable projects first, you build confidence in yourself and can finish some amazing DIYs! This course will teach you how to build:

    • How to Build an Accent Wall: This project is one of the easiest DIYs that can be done, but the final product makes it look way more difficult than it actually is. This is the perfect kind of first DIY project!
    • How to Case a Window: This project also can completely transform a living space. It is a little bit more complex of a project than building an accent wall, but with our help, you won’t have any problems!
    • How to Build a Mantel: This project builds on the lessons learned in previous projects. A mantel is a great project to showcase your newly acquired skills and will give you a space a focal point.

    In each section of this course, we will provide plans for the project, a shopping list for the project, a tools list for the project, step-by-step instructions, and a final overview of the finished project.

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      How to Build a Fireplace Mantel
      How to Use a Miter Saw
      How to Use a Jigsaw

      How to Use an Impact Driver

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