Interior Design Choices

For 1776 Faux Farmhouse

Hi y’all! It’s about time I write this post but Little Miss is cutting another tooth and we are all on pins and needles dealing with her ‘tude…

Did y’all see the news???

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Ok, let’s get to the good stuff! When we first signed our contract in the beginning of May our real estate agent told us that our home gallery appointment would be around the middle of July. So for this lover of all things design and decor that left me way too much time to dream…

With our builder, we were allowed two gallery design appointments. The first appointment we were allotted four hours and the second appointment we were allotted two hours.

The first appointment was considered our “wish list” appointment. Whatever we wanted we should add. Trust me, we added.. thousands over our budget added.

And that’s when we realized that our project list had just tripled in size.

We were totally ok with that! If that meant that we had to sacrifice three tone paint in order to have higher quality cabinetry throughout the house, so be it. We can paint and get the color we wanted instead of settling from their minimal color selections.

So without further ado, here are the bare bones of 1776 Faux Farmhouse.

Exterior Color Scheme

Mr. Farmhouse was kind of hesitant about the white color choice but Mrs. Farmhouse just loves how this color scheme screams Modern Farmhouse!

Main Floor Plan
**Coronado Floor Plan by Richmond American Homes
We added the 3-Car Garage, Sunroom with both additional windows, Gourmet Kitchen and additional window in Mudroom.
Second Floor Plan
**Coronado Floor Plan by Richmond American Homes
We added the Deluxe Master Bath, Pre-plumb and additional window in the Laundry room, and double sinks in Bath 2.
Flooring for Main Floor and Railing Stain Color

This laminate will be throughout the entire main floor, study included. I LOVE this floor! The variations and colors in this floor gives me alllll the feels. A big chunk of our budget went to this beautiful floor but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Cabinetry Style Benton Birch Painted

Cabinetry style will be throughout the entire home. We did select for counters to be adult height in bathrooms and we did add additional cabinetry storage for bathrooms.

Quartz Countertop choice for Kitchen

The Hubster’s only adamant request was for grey countertops in the home. On an episode of Fixer Upper he saw Chip and Joanna Gaines use cement for countertops and he. was. hooked. So we chose something that resembled concrete but with much easier maintenance.

Tile for Laundry Room, Deluxe Master Bath, and Bath 2
Quartz Countertop choice for Bathrooms

Again, we chose something that resembled concrete but just a lighter color so that the kitchen would stand out.

Bath Surrounds for Deluxe Master Bath and Bath 2

I love that this resembles white subway tiles but doesn’t have the classic tile/grout situation, which means so much easier maintenance.

Carpet Selection for Stairs and Second Floor Living Areas

There are other options that we added that won’t be available to see until we are in further into the building process. But y’all I love my choices and I can’t wait to show you pictures of these choices when they are actually installed.

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DISCLAIMER, please note that these selections were what worked for our price point and were available in our area by Richmond American Homes.

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