How To Style A Mantle – Tips and Tricks

Mantles are notorious for being difficult to style, but you are sure to have a beautifully styled mantle with these tips and tricks. Ahead you will be shown exactly how to style a mantle.

Halloween Mantle Shelf
Halloween Mantle Shelf

While the Hubster and I want to create and install our own fireplace built-in area for our living room it is just not in the budget right now. So shortly after moving in, the Hubster and I created this mantle shelf using our faux beam method so that I could decorate for the holiday seasons until an actual mantle will be installed.

DIY Faux Beam Mantle Shelf
mantle shelf

1. How To Syle a Mantle: Anchor Piece

The first step in how to style a mantle is to anchor the mantle. This gives your eye a grounding piece, which minimizes the possibility of your mantle looking busy.

Style Tip:

Choose an anchor piece that is large and tall.

I chose this tobacco basket from Decor Steals as my anchor piece. This piece is perfect because it transitions with every season.

Add Mantle Anchor Piece
anchor piece

2. How To Syle a Mantle: Side Weight

Once your specific anchor piece is placed, you will want to add side weight on either side of the piece. This allows your mantle to have balance, which is essential to the human eye.

Style Tip:

Candlesticks with battery operated candles provide the perfect weight.

I found these candlesticks and battery-operated candles at Hobby Lobby. The bad news…the candlesticks I have are discontinued, but these are really similar.

Add Mantle Side Weight
side weight

To complete the balance, I added a clear glass milk jug from the Hubster’s family farm. I purchased the faux florals from Hobby Lobby and stuffed them inside the jug to bring color to the mantle.

Mantle Styling Trick: Books

If you need something to be taller, add a few books underneath that item to give it the height it needs while maintaining design.

Style Tip:

Add a farmhouse garland to an item to achieve texture in the mantle design.

Add Mantle Side Weight
mantle side weight

3. How To Syle a Mantle: Add Height

Height is just as essential to a beautifully styled mantle as weight is because it balances the mantle out proportionally.

Style Tip:

Use florals, signs for height, and risers.

Since it is October, I added this adorable Sleepy Hollow sign that my mom made for me years back from an unfinished kit at The Wood Connection.

Add Mantle Height
mantle height

4. How To Syle a Mantle: Add Filler

To have a finished and cohesive look, you will want to fill the remaining spaces that are empty.

Style Tip:

Use items that will contribute to the overall aesthetics you are wanting.

I added a faux pottery pumpkin; you can find the tutorial for that here. I also added a sugar mold but made it stand vertically instead of the traditional horizontal placement.

Mantle Styling Design:

Try items differently than they are meant for, I.e., the pumpkin was originally a pumpkin cookie jar.

Add Mantle Filler
mantle filler

Because I wanted a few the hole by the right of the riser filled I added a small truck from the Bullseye Playground at Target. I also felt that there needed to be a bit more texture throughout the mantle so I added this gorgeous hops garland from Mama’s Junk Co. I love how it adds the succulent touch throughout my home but also looks like wheat from a distance. Perfect decor piece.

Mantle Styling Trick: Triangle

Once you have created your mantle, you will want your mantle to have an overall triangle shape. If you have achieved this shape you nailed your design!

Triangle Trick
Triangle Trick

Beautiful Mantle Shelf

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