Farmhouse Home Tour

It’s been a lonnnnnng time coming to write “Farmhouse Home Tour”. Everything that is shown below in the after pictures were taken after we closed but before we moved in. We did a lot before officially moving into our home…painting, light replacements, hardware and curtain installation to name a few. Current home pictures will be coming when the pertaining post makes it’s debut.

Sorry that it’s been a hot minute since I’ve been on here…and by hot minute, I mean like months. It was hard to write an entire post on little things that were happening each week. I’ll be honest, it was just easier to post a quick snippet here than to bore you with reiterating the same detail five times. And then the next thing you know there were so many things happening while trying to survive the holiday rush that I barely had time to catch my breath. So it’s only fitting that I can finally say:

If you want to see our choices that we picked out in our home design appointment click here.

So without further ado, come on in!




Our exterior paint colors are Sherwin Williams Pure White and Tricorn Black. We replaced exterior lights and home numbers (not shown). We plan on eventually adding in wood tone elements to our exterior by replacing our front door and gel-staining our garage doors.




We painted the walls Pale Oak by Benjamin Moore and replaced the chandelier to this stunner. I wanted something that would make a statement and draw your eye up to our two-story entry way. We plan on adding a wall treatment to this space to make it more unique as well.




Again, we painted the walls Pale Oak by Benjamin Moore. We installed this light and added this gorgeous rug from Boutique Rugs. Our desk was a killer deal from a local classifieds add. When the weather is a bit warmer, I plan on painting the legs black to bring in the modern element for our modern farmhouse.

Family Room



We painted the walls. If you don’t know the color by now, well… see above ;). We installed this black curtain rod, ivory curtain sheers, and ceiling fan. We added this unique rug from eSaleRugs to this space.




We painted everything, same color as above, except for the island because we plan to shiplap the island when things have calmed down a little bit with the Hubster’s schedule. We installed the best hardware from Koofizo. I seriously love the statement they make on each door panel. We added these gorgeous pendants and I’m still in love with them… I don’t think I will ever not be!

If you are a Utah local, I purchased two more of these barstools from DownEast. They discontinued these stools in red, so I purchased the additional two in black and plan on painting all five in the spring when the weather is warmer.

Dining Room



We installed the same curtain rod and sheers as above but for the sliding glass door we installed ivory room-darkening curtains for more privacy since there was NO way I was going to be doing vertical blinds there. We installed this light which added the perfect touch to this very bright space.




This area has now been taken over by Little Miss’s toys… We are turning this area into a designated playroom. I have a couple fun projects lined up for this space that I can’t wait to show you later down the road.


For all the bedrooms we had the builder install a ceiling fan brace. I’ve been looking everywhere for ‘before’ photos for both the Master Bedroom and Little Miss’s room but I don’t have a single one… which is shocking to me, but what do you do?? So you will have the wonderful pleasure to see the ‘after’ photos. Which in all reality going forward will be the before photo in every post because I’ve got some really fun things lined up for each room.


Do you love the one single curtain…? The other two panels were at our temporary rental when I took this photo. The curtain rods are the same as the ones mentioned above. The curtain panel(s) are the same room-darkening curtains above just in the shade indigo. We also installed this ceiling fan.

||Little Miss’s Room||

These curtains will not be linked… They are not room-darkening, like they stated, and I have been looking at other curtains to install in her room ever since we’ve been here. She is more of a morning person than I am, but even seven am is too early for her! The curtain rod is the same as the ones mentioned above, just in the gold finish.

Her ceiling fan was a struggle. The one I really, really, really wanted to get for her room was way more expensive than my own and the Hubster and I just couldn’t justify that expense. So I went with this really close second.

And that y’all,

concludes our tour! I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I have enjoyed putting it all together.

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Until next time,

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