Fall Home Decor Tour

I'm sharing my fall decor with you! These ideas can totally work for the rest of the fall season, especially if you aren't a fan of Halloween decor. Many items were purchased at affordable prices that make decorating easier for your budget.

Since there aren’t any updates at the farmhouse this week; I know, BOOOO! I thought I would share my fall decor with you. September is almost over but hey, these ideas can totally work for the rest of the fall season, especially if you aren’t a fan of Halloween decor.

Due to our current living situation, there was only so much I could put out with how things were placed when we were moving into this rental. My fall decor is physically unattainable until large bulky items are moved out of the way. I’m thinking positive with this situation that next year’s fall home decor will be bigger and grander because of all the things I have forgotten about… Please don’t tell the Hubster though because then I won’t be able to purchase any more haha.

Come On In!

Front Porch

My wreath is from Hobby Lobby found here. It is a great wreath and I have received tons of compliments on it from visitors. Stay tuned to see how I transition this wreath for Halloween ;). The welcome sign is from my local Macey’s grocery store. I have been looking everywhere for a new sign since we’ve moved. Thank heavens Little Miss was out of milk because I would’ve missed this beauty if I did my usual online shopping. The green pumpkin was also purchased at Macey’s. The white pumpkin was a score from Target. Last year this pumpkin was on clearance for only four dollars! You can find the same one here. The yellow mum was purchased at Walmart, as well as the lettered pillow. However, it was a purchase made last year and is no longer available…sorry!

The Kitchen

Due to the size of my kitchen and the limited lack of counter space fall decor is minimal in this living area.

Kitchen Decor
Wreath Details
Tutorial on Instagram @1776 Faux Farmhouse in Stories Highlights
Vignette Decor

Make sure to check out my Instagram page @1776fauxfarmhouse where you can see a tutorial on how I made this wreath for only five dollars! The tray was purchased at Hobby Lobby and is the smaller tray of the set. The truck was purchased at Walmart…CAN YOU DIE?! Man, oh man, Walmart is stepping up their game! I can not find it anywhere online but it was only ten dollars; it wasn’t even a question on whether or not I should buy it. The beaded tassel was a DIY, I will post a tutorial soon so watch out for that.

The Dining Room

My dining room is adjacent to the kitchen and family, which helps with the minimal home decor in the kitchen.

Dining Room Decor

My blue demi glass jar was purchased from Decor Steals a few years ago. However, Target has a 22″ one that is very similar and for much cheaper than what I purchased mine; you can find it here. The floral stems and tray were purchased from Hobby Lobby, found here and here. And like before this tassel was also a DIY.

Family Room

Family Room Decor

This room’s layout is difficult, mostly because we have the dog kennel…which needed to stay in our main living area so that Hazel could adjust to the rental living situation. It is an eyesore but it will only be for a couple more months. We have the lovely console table which houses Little Miss’s toys. I am keepin’ it real REAL here!

Top of Entertainment Center Decor
Console Table Decor

Now let’s look at these pretty decor items up close!

Details of Lantern found here
Details of Decor found here

If there is a decor item that you want to know where I purchased it, that I missed, please comment below and I will let you know.

I know it’s not much but it is better than not having any fall decor up to experience the new season. If you aren’t already, make sure to follow me on Instagram because as you can see there are some decor items that I just couldn’t wait to share.

Until next time,

P.s. I will be posting a tutorial on how to make this sign by the end of the week… the weather just wasn’t cooperating this past weekend.

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