DIY Textured Lamps With Baking Soda

No one wants to pay over $300 for a table lamp let alone $600 for a set of two. But that is exactly how much you will have to pay if you want a ceramic matte black table lamp from Pottery Barn. Instead of shelling out that kind of money for the high-end lamps from Pottery Barn, it makes a lot more sense to DIY them, and it’s surprisingly simple. Follow along today as we learn how to DIY textured lamps with baking soda that look exactly like the expensive lamps from Pottery Barn.

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    Finished DIY Textured Lamps With Baking Soda


    Step 1 – Spray Paint

    Thrift Store Lamps for a DIY Project
    These thrift store lamps sure are lookers!

    The first step for your DIY textured lamps using baking soda is to remove the lampshades from your thrift store lamps and set them aside. If you are saving them and will be using them make sure you put them somewhere where they won’t get paint on them. Using the flat black spray paint, spray one coat on each lamp, then let dry. When spray painting, I like to set the object on a cardboard box or something similar to elevate the item from the ground.

    Step 2 – Texture With Baking Soda

    Using Baking Soda to Provide Texture In Paint

    The second step is to mix an entire box of baking soda with the tricorn black paint. I mixed the paint and the baking soda together in the paint tray using a sponge brush. Once the spray paint has dried, paint three coats of the paint and baking soda mixture onto the lamp. Next, apply the paint and baking soda mixture to the lamp in the following order:

    1. Apply the first coat vertically on the lamps
    2. Next, apply the second coat horizontally on the lamps
    3. Finally, apply the third and final coat horizontally on the lamps BUT the opposite direction of the previous coat

    With each coat, you will begin to see more and more texture appearing on the lamp. The goal is to create as much texture on the lamp as desired so if you want more texture then add more baking soda into the paint mixture.

    Step 3 – Add Lampshades

    DIY Textured Lamps with Baking Soda

    Allow the lamps to dry for a period of time. Retrieve the lampshades, if you saved yours, or buy new ones and add them to the lamps. Add a lightbulb to your DIY textured lamps with baking soda to complete your project!

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    Overall, this project saved over $500 and they look exactly like the Pottery Barn textured lamps. These lamps sit on my sideboard in my entryway and I always get asked where they came from whenever anyone visits. This project can easily be accomplished in a day and is a very simple and easy DIY to obtain your dream lamps.

    DIY Textured Lamps With Baking Soda On Entryway Sideboard
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