DIY Artwork Frame

With this DIY artwork frame tutorial, you will be able to frame any artwork for your home.

When I found a piece of art that I loved for my home’s stairwell, I loved everything but the price. Originally, I had a mirror on this wall, but when the sideboard was finished I knew this space would need something else. I was determined to recreate this piece at a fraction of the high-end designer price. But once my piece of art was completed, I was left with the framing. I have had a few pieces of artwork professionally framed, and they are extremely pricey. I wanted to keep the cost of this project as low as possible. So with a few pieces of molding, I DIYed the perfect frame for my DIY artwork.

Supplies Needed for DIY Artwork Frame:

Measure and Cut

Laying your artwork flat on the ground, you will measure a side of your canvas from corner to adjacent corner. You will mark this measurement on your board, make the appropriate cut using a straight cut on your miter saw, and place the board on that corresponding side of the canvas.

Going clockwise, you will measure your canvas’s next side, measuring from the corner of the board to the corner of the adjacent canvas corner. You will make the appropriate straight cut and place that board on the corresponding side of the canvas. You will repeat this process until all of the sides are completed.

Assemble the Frame

Using your air compressed finishing nailer, you will attach each corner of the frame.

Paint the Frame

Next, you will paint the frame. You can stain the frame if you like seeing as how it is unfinished wood. However, I wanted a sleek and modern look, so I sprayed two coats of flat black paint onto the frame.


To see the entire process in 30 seconds, click here.

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