Christmas Tree Decor

Christmas is just around the corner, and now is the perfect time to start thinking of your Christmas tree decor. Thankfully, I’ve compiled a list of necessities if you don’t know where to start because I’ve been there. I still can’t decorate a tree as well as my mom, but I have watched her decorate them enough to know at least what you need.

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Christmas Tree

Christmas Trees are an investment. The higher quality of trees you purchase, the longer it will last, but it makes decorating your tree that much easier, which is why I absolutely love my King of Christmas Tree tree.

When I told my mom that I purchased a flocked tree, she told me several times that I would regret that purchase and that flocking would be the vein of my existence. But I knew that I had purchased a high-quality tree and that the flocking would, in fact, stay on the tree. So when my mom came over to help me decorate my tree, and there wasn’t any flocking on the floor, you bet that was a #priceless moment in my book!

These King of Christmas trees are really that good, and I would purchase one for every. single. room. if I could, but I don’t think the Hubster would approve all of those purchases. Until then, I will love the 7′ Prince Flocked tree that I have and swoon every time I see it.


Even though my King of Christmas tree is pre-light with warm lights, adding two strands of gold lights really adds to the tree’s aesthetics. When my mom first introduced this concept to me, I thought it was just too much work, but the extra work to add those lights is worth it. You don’t have to be precise but add them evenly throughout the tree.


Adding tulle/mesh allows you to hide spaces that will not be covered by ornaments and provides another layer that adds to the tree’s overall aesthetics.

Tree Picks for Toppers

Tree picks are the easiest way to top your Christmas tree. They really add such elegance and can add height in case your tree isn’t tall enough. For example, my tree is only 7′ tall, but since I have a two-story entryway, we added taller tree picks to add extra height to the tree to draw your eye upwards for dramatic effect.


I have never been a huge bow made out of ribbons on the tree person…That’s my personal preference. However, the ribbon is needed to add a soft element to the tree. I let my mom add a few bows to the tree towards the top by the toppers, but other than that, we just used drapped and stuffed ribbons sporadically throughout.

Large Items

These large items are what really make your tree look professionally decorated. My mom has a knack for taking everyday decor and incorporating these items into making an elegant tree. For example, the large letter “F” and two galvanized houses were originally on a shelf near my mudroom. However, they totally add to the overall look that I wanted.

More Picks

You will add additional picks throughout the tree to add dimension and texture. Additional branch picks are essential, although pricey, because they add weight and variety to the tree.


You will want to get a variety of ornaments because any holes you have at this point throughout your tree you will fill with ornaments.

Take It Slow

Although all of these elements bring about an amazingly decorated tree, it is pricey. Every year, I am still contributing to the decor of my tree. Thankfully, my mom has a huge collection of Christmas Tree decor (which has been accumulated throughout many years) and has lent me the essentials when the Hubster and I were first married.

It wasn’t until we were in our first home that I bought our first official tree. It was after Christmas so I could get the most value for the price, but I bought a half a foot smaller size than I should have, which is now why I buy taller tree picks for the top of my tree.

Two years ago, I purchased all of the ornaments and tree picks for my tree. This year, even decorating my tree, we had to make a trip to Hobby Lobby to purchase more picks…

Which is why purchasing high quality items is essential for your Christmas Tree decor.

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