Christmas Shims Trees

If you want an easy craft project this holiday season, then these inexpensive Christmas Shims Trees are the perfect solution.

My friend Nicole and I were doing our monthly craft night, and I wanted something that would be cheap but timeless for my side table in my living room. After seeing my friend, Laura, do something similar, I decided to do create a few of these rustic Christmas Shims Trees for my side table.

Supplies you will need:
  • Shims (purchased at your local hardware store)
  • A stain of your choice
  • Foam brush/stain cloth
  • Hot glue sticks
  • Hot glue gun

Creating the Christmas Shim Trees

You’ll begin by stacking a shim on top of another shim with the thicker side facing the bottom and the skinny side facing the top. Secure each shim to place by using hot glue. You will want to space each shim about an inch to two inches apart to create the pine tree effect. You will create two of these stacked shims.

Next, place two shims on top of each other but have them face the opposite direction of one another, creating a rectangle base. Using a stain color of your choice, you will use a stain cloth or foam brush to apply the stain to the shim pieces. I used Early American by Minwax.

Once the stain has dried, you will take the two stacked shims and place them in an upside-down V-shape to create the pine tree effect. Using hot glue, you will secure the shape. You will then place two strips of glue on the base where you want the tree to stand. Place the pine tree on the base and press lightly to secure the tree in place. Here is a video for you to see each step.


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