How to Install Upper Cabinet Lighting

Lighting is such an important aspect of a room; it is such an easy way to customize the aesthetic of your home. The Hubster and I thought of every single lighting aspect during the design center with our builder. Buuut…

Farmhouse Home Tour

It’s been a lonnnnnng time coming to write “Farmhouse Home Tour”. Everything that is shown below in the after pictures were taken after we closed but before we moved in. We did a lot before officially moving into our home…painting,…

||Let’s Get Witchy||

This Do-It-Yourself Outdoor Witch and Cats will be the showstopper of your neighborhood! This Halloween set will bring the spooky year after year.

Fall Home Decor Tour

I'm sharing my fall decor with you! These ideas can totally work for the rest of the fall season, especially if you aren't a fan of Halloween decor. Many items were purchased at affordable prices that make decorating easier for your budget.