5 Easy Steps to Install a Kitchen Faucet

This week I decided to install a new kitchen faucet that would go a lot better with my kitchen decor! My previous faucet had an oil-bronze finish and didn’t match a lot of the other aspects of the kitchen. For example, the pendant lights are black, the cabinet pulls are mainly black, etc. I’ve always loved the modern kitchen faucets and decided to go that direction with the Phister Bruton kitchen faucet. Overall, it was very easy to install and completely transformed the look and feel of my kitchen!

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    1776 Faux Farmhouse Phister Bruton kitchen faucet

    How To Install a Kitchen Faucet – Tools & Supplies

    Step 1 – Shut Off Water Supply

    How to shut off faucet water supply

    First, remove all items from the cabinet under the kitchen sink & shut off the electricity to the garbage disposal if you have one. Prepare the area under the sink by placing your flashlight, pillow (since you will be on your back), bucket, and other tools under the sink. Next, find the water supply lines and shut off the faucet for both the cold and hot water supply. If you aren’t able to turn off the water under the sink, you will have to shut off the water to your entire home.

    Step 2 – Disconnect the Old Water Supply Lines

    Once the water is shut off to the sink, remove the supply lines using an adjustable wrench to remove each nut by turning counterclockwise (lefty loosey, righty tighty is how I always remember!). It’s helpful to make sure the water pipe behind the cabinets remains stable so you don’t pull any connections loose. As you remove each supply line, place it into the bucket and drain out any of the remaining water. Also, watch for leaks at the valve, a leak will indicate that it needs to be replaced.

    Step 3 – Uninstall the Old Faucet

    How to remove the mounting hardware for a kitchen faucet

    Next, climb under the sink and look up behind the sink at the bottom of the faucet. Disconnect the sprayer hose (on our faucet it was the line with the weight on it) so that the faucet can be removed. Remove the nut (and any screws, our old faucet had screws to hold the sink in place) using a basin wrench. I found that using the basin wrench was the most difficult part of the entire process since it can be difficult to maneuver in tight places and gain the correct leverage to loosen the retaining nuts. Once the mounting hardware is removed you can lift out the faucet and thread the lines up through the hole. Finally, clean the area around the sink before installing the new faucet.

    Step 4 – Install the New Faucet

    Install the new faucet by threading the water lines down through the hole. It’s useful to have a partner to hold the faucet in the desired location while you work under the cabinet. Connect the spray line together after the faucet lines have been threaded through the hole. Install the mounting hardware and tighten the retaining nut using a basin wrench. Add the retractable weight to the spray line. Finally, connect the hot and cold water lines to the valves and tighten the nut.

    Step 5 – Turn On the Water Supply & Flush

    The last step is to turn on the hot and cold water supply and check for any leaks at any of the connections (hot connection, cold connection, and spray line connection). The last step is to flush the new faucet to remove any debris that may have built up in the water lines. You can unscrew the aerator from the faucet head, using a tool provided by the manufacturer or by hand. Once the aerator is removed run the water on full blast for a period of time to flush out any potential debris. Lastly, shut off the water and replace the aerator. And there you have the 5 steps to install a kitchen faucet!

    I absolutely love my new kitchen faucet and I think the black faucet really goes well with my pendant lights. This faucet is everything I could hope for and more! I have been on the market for a high-quality faucet that would add the modern element to my kitchen without breaking the bank, and the Bruton faucet perfectly fits that description. I love the high clearance and maximum reach, which is perfect for large baking sheets and everyday sink maintenance. The three-function spray head has been so nice to have in a kitchen that seems to be constantly going. I seriously couldn’t love this faucet, more! So, what do you think of my new kitchen faucet?

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