4 Steps To Style A Christmas Mantle

During the holiday season, fireplaces are typically the focal point of the room with the cozy ambiance they provide. A Christmas mantle is really no different than your mantle at other times of the year, only the theme is different. So grab your Christmas decorations and let’s style your mantle together!

Christmas Mantle


How To Style A Christmas Mantle Video

1. The Anchor – Tobacco Basket

The anchor gives your eye a grounding piece and helps keep the mantle from looking too busy. Make sure to choose an anchor piece that is big and tall. For Christmas, I kept my tobacco basket from Decor Steals as my anchor piece.

Christmas Candles

2. Additional Height – Christmas Tree Print

I seriously can’t get enough of this Christmas tree print. Signs are the perfect way to add height to your Christmas mantle

3. Add Filler – Garland & Wooden Garland

To finish off any mantle you will want to fill the remaining spaces that are empty. This is the perfect opportunity to use garland. First I arrange the garland so that it hangs off the opposite end of the mantle as my candlestick side weight, placing the garland behind the bells. Next, I drape the wooden garland across the front of the mantle to give my mantle some movement.

4. The Side Weight – Candlesticks & Bells

To balance your Christmas mantle place items on either side of the anchor piece. In the case of my mantle use candles on candlesticks and bells. These items act to draw your eye across the mantle

Christmas Mantle Bells

And there you have it, your completed Christmas mantle! For additional insights into these 4 steps to styling your mantle, along with other styling tips check out our in-depth guide on styling mantles!

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